10 New Smartphones And Tablets For Remote Work, Travel, And Telecommuting

The space that defines where and how we work continues to evolve, and mobile technology is taking a more and more active role in our lives.

From laptops to tablets to smartphones, technology that travels with us on the train, in the coffee shops or in our home offices will shape our daily lives for years to come.

Companies are spending more and more finding ways to make hybrid work feasible as we redefine what office work means.

Global smartphone revenue alone skyrocketed in the fourth quarter 2021 to reach its highest ever total at $ 450 billion, according to Counterpoint Research. While the COVID-19 pandemic – which caused a huge spike in demand for mobile solutions – appears to be on the decline, analysts believe we won’t be going back to the old days of office-only work.

Hybrid is here to stay and mobile devices are the foundation of that revolution. Here are 10 such devices that stand out from the crowd.

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