20 Books We Read This Week

‘Liberty Is Sweet’ Review: Unsung Heroes

Celebrating the role of the obscure and dispossessed in the Revolution. Jefferson and Washington? Not so much. Review by Adam Rowe

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‘Eight Days in May’ and ‘Aftermath’ Review: Surviving the Time of Wolves

Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, but the nightmare was not yet over. Review by Andrew Stuttaford

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‘The Unseen Body’ Review: Inside Edition

Understanding our various body parts and fluids through metaphor: the heart as plumbing system, with trauma surgeons specializing in leaks. Review by Eugenia Bone

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‘Architects of an American Landscape’ Review: Earth Movers

Churches, libraries, railway stations: H.H. Richardson’s buildings are wrongly overlooked. Review by Alex Beam

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‘Emotional’ Review: More Than a Feeling

They can be hard to define, but our emotions are part of our evolutionary heritage—and aid cognition in surprising ways. Review by Matthew Hutson

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Fiction: Kevin Honold’s ‘Molly’

Plus Sara Stridsberg’s ‘The Antarctica of Love’ and Claire Messud’s ‘A Dream Life.’ Review by Sam Sacks

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‘The Original Bambi’ Review: Afterlife of a Fawn

A fresh translation of a classic tale restores the author’s original vision, obscured by the sunny


version. Review by Meghan Cox Gurdon

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Mysteries: ‘My Annihilation’ Review

Plus ‘Silent Parade’ and ‘Inspector Chen and the Private Kitchen Murder.’ Review by Tom Nolan

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‘Blank Pages and Other Stories’ Review: A Grand Belfast Accent

New tales of redemption and resurrection—and of love, faith and old age—from an Irish master. Review by Brenda Cronin

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Science Fiction: Charles Stross’s ‘Quantum Nightmares’

The intrigues of the ‘New Management’ series return in a tale that sets eldritch doings in 21st-century London. Review by Tom Shippey

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Five Best: Books on Show Business Behind the Scenes

Selected by Celia Imrie, the author, most recently, of the novel ‘Orphans of the Storm.’

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