30 Comics Reflecting On Important Things That Are Happening In The World By Janek Koza

Let us make this Friday even more special by introducing you to Janek Koza, an illustrator and cartoonist from Poland. The artist stands out with his style which can be described as an “ugly drawing” – a trend that is becoming more and more popular on social media. 

Janek, through the prism of irony and humor, reflects on the main events in politics and society, including the refugee crisis, climate change and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In one of his interviews, the artist shared that he gets inspired by ordinary people, situations on the street, in stores, or on the bus. “I try to read and watch as much as I can to stay updated on what’s going on in the world. 95% of my time I spend sitting mindlessly at my desk, scrolling through the news feed, and poking around in my head. I think that it takes a lot of empathy and knowledge to make a good comment on reality.”

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