45 new books to give in 2021 for all age groups

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library,” my hero Jorge Luis Borges wrote in “Poem of the Gifts.” So why not give someone close to you a little bit of Paradise this holiday season?

For your gift-giving and self-gifting pleasure, here is a varied selection of 45 new books to choose from, including choices for children and teens. In general, I picked books published since June, including some new books by Wisconsin authors. In each case, I’ve either read the book already or browsed it, or been impressed by a previous work from the same author, or had the new book recommended by a trusted source of information. 

Thanks to colleague Chris Foran for contributing pop-culture book selections. 

These picks are listed alphabetically by title, with the children’s set arranged in ascending order of recommended reader age. 

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