6 Best Solo Dates To Take Yourself On In NYC

NYC can be the most romantic place on the planet whether you’re with someone or alone! So treat yourself to the date you deserve and take full advantage of this incredible city while you get to know yourself a little better. You might just love what you find!

Here are 6 best solo dates to take yourself on in NYC:

1. Spend the day at Roosevelt Island

Instagram / @ kingy27nyc

Start your day on a tram ride across the East River and take in all the stunning skyline sights from above. Once you get to the island, be sure to stroll through the blooming cherry blossom trees along the west promenade. After admiring the gorgeous views, head over to the Panorama Room for elevated cocktails and a glimpse of every borough. Make sure to stay until sunset to watch the city illuminate!

2. Dine at an exclusive restaurant — with little to no wait time

Instagram / @missionceviche

We all know reservations at some of the city’s most popular spots can be terribly difficult with a large party. Luckily, when you solo dine you’re more likely to score a spot when you walk in or take a seat at an empty bar stool. And if you’re just starting your solo dating adventures and feeling a little hesitant about dining alone, bring a book for a buddy. Hey, when you’re a few glasses in you’ll be striking up conversations with strangers in no time. We recommend you try these restaurants:

  • Balthazar
  • Thai Diner
  • Lilia
  • Mission Ceviche

3. Take a stroll through Central Park

Unsplash via Michal Dziekonski

There’s no one better to enjoy the great outdoors with than your own company — plus, you can stroll at any pace you please! Call on your inner child and get an ice cream cone for the road or sit along one of the park benches and people watch.

4. Read a book on the High Line

Unsplash via Elizabeth Villalta

Nothing screams main character vibes like someone contently reading on a NYC bench somewhere by themselves, right? So screw the sidekick, we’re all main characters here. Whether you’re in dire need to catch up on your novel or have not read a book in five years, give it a whirl and see what happens! Who knows, you might end up making it a habit. Not to mention, if you get bored of the story in front of you, just look out at the incredible view you can only admire on the High Line.

5. Catch an entertaining show

Apollo Theater Amateur Night

From Broadway to a movie, live music to Amateur Night at the Apollo, there’s no shortage of ways to keep yourself entertained without having to entertain others. Let your undivided attention admire NYC’s many talents. And the best part, you will not have to deal with your company always nagging you with questions or comments mid-show!

Treat yourself to flowers and coffee at this adorable cafe

Instagram / @ remi.nyc

Remi Flower & Coffee in Midtown East is the cutest spot to spend hours enjoying their plant shop and pastries. Enjoy floral lattes by ordering their Rose Matcha Latte, or keep your flowers and coffee separate while you sip on an espresso and buy yourself a bouquet. And though they have WiFi, remember you’re on a date! Regardless if it’s just with yourself, you’d never catch up on work with a date… unless of course it was going terribly — and come on, we’re talking about NYC here — so in that case, it’d be a different story.

Whatever you end up choosing, remember it’s important to spoil yourself from time to time. And though solo dating can be awkward at first, you just have to dip your toe in and you’ll be embracing it in no time.

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