7 Where You Can Challenge Yourself

Are you a chess player, or maybe you prefer to play cards while having a drink with the best company? Whatever the case, you should know that there are board game cafés in London that will make your leisure time different and exciting. Sounds good, right? Whether with friends or family, several venues across this city will provide you with a great spot to play these popular recreational activities and tuck into some tasty food too.

1. Bad Moon Café

Located a few minutes from London Bridge, Bad Moon Café is one of the best board game cafés in London. This café has a spacious and bright area where you can play a large selection of tabletop games while enjoying some of the food and drinks on offer. Also, its ever-growing board game library has more than 150 games that can mean you can really while away the hours.

Bad Moon Café aims to create a comfortable and appealing environment for tabletop gamers. That is why they offer a wide variety of craft beers, cocktails, wines, ciders, and soft drinks. What’s more, its food menu features a range of freshly prepared sandwiches and pizzas with vegan and gluten-free options available at very affordable prices.

In addition, the café often organises special events and learning tutorials on different games throughout the year.

You’ll find Bad Moon Cafe at 159A Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4GZ. Nearest station is Borough. 

2. Rule Zero

If you’re looking for lively board game cafés in London, Rule Zero may be the right place for you! From delicious food and drinks menus to a cool clothes shop and even a jazz venue, this tabletop gaming hub has everything you need to have a great time.

This cafe offers an ample variety of board games for all tastes and ages such as Cluedo, Guess Who, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Scrabble, Catch the Moon, Sushi Go!, Joking Hazard, Catan, Exploding Kittens, chess, and many more. There are games of all lengths, from five minutes to three hours, ranging from those aimed at beginners to experienced players.

The venue also features a trendy restaurant where breakfast, lunch, dinner and a large selection of drinks and cocktails are served daily for a full gaming experience. However, gin is the main drink at Rule Zero, which is served with an evergreen tonic and an interesting garnish.

In addition, the café has several tournaments and different themed events going on all year round. Take a look at the one that suits you best!

You’ll find Rule Zero at 3 Succession Walk, London, E3 2RX. Nearest station is Hackney Wick. 

3. Draughts

The interior of Draughts Cafe in London, England, one of the best board game cafés in London
Photo: @draughtslondon

In operation for almost a decade, Draughts is a chain of board game cafés in London with two spacious venues that can seat over 200 people. They are located in both Waterloo and Hackney and the latter features an outdoor terrace.

These two cafés have more than a thousand board games on their shelves, providing you with a whole afternoon of entertainment and fun. They also host several events for top brands as well as corporate days, team building gatherings and birthdays.

In addition to games, Draughts offers a wide range of delicious food, from cheeseburgers and Korean chicken to tasty nachos and Buffalo cauliflower, among many other dishes. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free choices also available.

Last but not least, fresh drinks are served all day long. Its drinks menu features plenty of draught beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks to keep you hydrated while playing your favourite game.

You will find Draughts Waterloo at Arch 16, Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN and Draughts Hackney at 41 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2JS. Nearest stations are Waterloo and Dalston Kingsland. 

4. Tanuki Gaming

Taking things to the next level! Tanuki Gaming is a gaming café and shop in East London. Run by two guys who met playing board games, this venue has a huge game library with over a thousand titles.

Surrounded by friendly and helpful staff, you’ll be able to have a fun afternoon playing with your friends or even with people you do not yet know – just like the owners did! You can even bring your own from home, and food and drinks are also served here.

In addition to game rooms, this place features both on-site and online shops where you can purchase not only your favourite board or card games but also gift cards, accessories, miniature toys, paints and puzzles too.

You’ll find Tanuki Gaming at 145 Deptford High Street, Deptford, London, SE8 3NU. Nearest station is Deptford. 

5. Rogues Quarter

Located in Kentish Town, Rogues Quarter is one of those board game cafés in London that holds a special kind of magic within its walls.

This bar has hundreds of games which are available to both play and buy. However, they encourage people to come to its excellent venue and enjoy a complete gaming experience, tasting their delicious food and sipping their refreshing drinks.

They’ve got a wide variety of tapas, sandwiches and snacks on offer as well as cold beers, tasty wines, spirits, cocktails and hot chocolates too. In addition, they are committed to the environment as their try to source their products from sustainable brands.

You’ll find Rogues Quarter at 155-157 Queens Crescent, London, NW5 4EA. Nearest station is Kentish Town West. 

6. Escape Bar Stratford

Serving up a large selection of board games, Escape Bar Stratford is one go the best places to play board games in the whole of the British capital.

This café features a wide collection of tabletop games such as First Dates, Colour Brain, 20 Second Showdown, The Noodle, Blockbuster, Catan, Jurassic Park, Cards, Against Humanity, Chess and many others that you can play in its spacious venue. They’ve also got regular upcoming events including karaoke Fridays, rock music and more.

You’ll find Escape Bar Stratford at 25 West Ham Lane, London, E15 4PH. Nearest station is Stratford High Street. 

7. The Muse Lounge

The Muse Lounge is a new concept being fueled in London’s Chelsea district that blends the best of modern and traditional board games with the most exclusive European cuisine.

A large variety of food is served all day, from exotic brunches to yummy lunches and lots of dishes to share and desserts with vegetarian and vegan deals available. In addition, fresh juices and smoothies, as well as soft and hot drinks will make your dining experience as great as possible. It also offers the possibility to smoke some shisha while you play, eat, or just sit back and relax.

You’ll find The Muse Lounge at 182 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL. Nearest station is South Kensington. 

As you can see from this roundup, there are many board game cafés in London where you can really whole away the hours. So strap on in and get playing!

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