75% overall pass completion rate: The Manchester United player wanted by Bournemouth and Fulham

Dean Henderson has been linked with a move away from Manchester United this summer.

Bournemouth, Fulham and Middlesbrough have all shown an interest in bringing the 25-year-old to their club on loan for next season.

The goalkeeper has struggled for game time at Old Trafford this campaign, only appearing three times for the senior side in all competitions.

With David de Gea now back as the number one choice in the side, Henderson may seek a move away on loan to re-establish his position as a number one option for a Premier League club.

The Englishman had closed last season as United’s first choice, but circumstances out of his control led to him missing the start of this campaign.

Looking at Henderson’s stats from this and last season, we can see what he could bring to the likes of Bournemouth, Fulham or Middlesbrough if he joined them this summer.

Courtesy of stats of State bombfrom Fbrefwe can see that Henderson had a pass completion rate of 75 per cent last season, when he made 13 Premier League appearances.

His passing from a close range increased to 100 per cent, showing he can be relied upon to distribute the ball quickly and accurately from a short distance.

Over a medium range distance, this completion rate remained at 100 per cent, so he can continue to be relied upon to play out from the back.

Henderson can remain calm under pressure as well and has been known to play a role in starting quick counter attacks.

Most notably, his pass out to Luke Shaw in Man United’s derby win over Man City last season helped the team start a quick transition that led to the Red Devils scoring to make it 2-0 at the Etihad.

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The goalkeeper’s post-shot expected goals, ie the expected goals based on how likely the goalkeeper is to save the shot, amounted to 12.3 from 12 goals conceded, so his shot-stopping was not out of this world.

However, he is still dependable and this also indicates that he is not likely to be a liability between the sticks.

From only those 13 games in the top flight last season, Henderson also had 14 actions outside the penalty area, which is a measurement of how proactive a keeper is in coming off his line.

This figure shows that the 25-year old likes to venture forward when he spots danger which could be of use to a possession heavy side like Bournemouth who could play a higher line.

These stats show that Henderson has a varied game and is a very modern goalkeeper who could be of use to any side at a Premier League level.

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