9-year-old girl wounded in Victorville mall shooting visited by Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny on Sunday made a personal visit to 9-year-old Ava who was shot last Wednesday while waiting in line for a photo with the same furry friend at the Mall of Victor Valley.

The co-owner of a resale sneaker store, 20-year-old Marqel Cockrell, opened fire in the mall, attempting to hit shoplifters, but instead hit the 9-year-old girl in the arm three times. He was later taken into custody by Nevada Highway Patrol.

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Ava was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery for three gunshot wounds to the arm, one of which shattered her bone. Doctors had to fit her for a special brace for the bone to heal. She was released from the hospital on Thursday and has been recovering at home with her family.

In the wake of that shooting, Cockrell’s business partner in resale shoe shop, 21-year-old Amairani Sanchez, has since permanently closed Sole Addicts, telling CBSLA that she did not care about the store and that she hopes she can help Ava and her family.

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As for Ava, the Easter Bunny brought her gifts and they got a picture together, but then the bunny revealed its secret identity as Deadpool, the Marvel Comics superhero.


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