A look at the London brands with the highest house price premiums

A survey conducted by central London real estate agent, Bective, reveals which of London’s most famous brands has the highest property price premium compared to the wider borough.

Bective analyzed the value of residential properties in postcodes around 13 of London’s most iconic brands and found that property values ​​average £ 1,548 per square meter. square feet.

But when analyzing the cost of living close to one of the capital’s most prestigious haunts in relation to the wider district, it is the W1 postcode that comes at the top.

Home to Fortnum and Mason (W1A), Annabel’s (W1J) and Claridge’s (W1K), the average property price per. square feet currently £ 2,350 – 99% higher than the wider Westminster borough.

Harrods also ranks as one of the most prestigious London locations. With an average price of £ 1,878 per. square feet in the SW1X zip code, the cost of buying a home close to the world-famous department store is 43% higher than the wider borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

A property close to Bulgari Hotel has a premium of 38% compared to the wider district, while property prices in the same postcodes as Liberty (W1B), Ivy (WC2) and Savoy (WC2) have a premium of 24%.

Fulham’s Hurlingham Club is home to the lowest priced premium of all locations analyzed by Bective. But with property values ​​of £ 938 per square foot, it’s still 6% more expensive than the wider borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Bective’s sales manager Craig Tonkin commented:

“For the average home buyer, coveted facilities include a good transport link, a good school or a supermarket. But for the primary buyer in London, living close to one of the capital’s most prestigious haunts is often a far greater feature.

While a first-class home in London is a recognition in itself, the ability to boast of people like Fortnum and Mason or Harrods right on your doorstep adds an extra layer of real estate prestige, and the demand for these homes is often higher as a result.

Of course, these high-end real estate features will cost you, and the premiums associated with real estate in these areas of the primary market are far higher than the broader cost of buying in their respective neighborhoods. “

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