A New York City Condo for Newlyweds Becomes an Optimistic Look Toward the Future | Architectural Digest

AFTER: “From day one, the building staff were extremely helpful,” Peter says. “One small accommodation that helped inform the overall design was when they sent an actual piece of the wood flooring from the condo. That simple request was a vital element in helping all of our selections come together, without setting foot in space. ”

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It was not until December 2020 that Peter and his team could enter the building itself. And even when they could get inside to double-check decisions, they had to do it strategically. “Once the building granted us access, we had exactly 30 minutes in the apartment,” Peter says. “It was still an active construction site, so safety was a factor. Our staff scheduled vendors to arrive at five-minute intervals so they could get in and out as soon as they collected the information needed. For my team, it was a mad dash to view all of the finishes with the corresponding architectural elements and light. ”

About a year after they met and a month before the couple’s wedding, the home was completed as a launching pad for all that lay ahead. Peter playfully admits that, though there were some generational differences between them, Bridie and Phil surprised him with their shared love for timeless design. And more than anything, he’s grateful for their infectious optimism. “Our clients remained excited for any bit of progress, and that energy inspired and motivated everyone involved,” he says.

AFTER: “We chose an unexpected gray mohair to upholster the classic Eames chair and ottoman in the office,” Peter says. The space could also be used as the home’s second bedroom.

Max Burkhalter Photo

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