A stunning mural on Remembrance Day is displayed on the side of the house in Greater Manchester

A Victoria Cross recipient has been commemorated in her hometown as part of a stunning mural on Remembrance Day.

Alfred Wilkinson was awarded the prestigious honor for his bravery during the Battle of Selle in World War I.

In 2018, a statue of the Leigh-born soldier was erected on the green at Pennington Wharf, and he has now been painted on the side of a house in Twist Lane.

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Street artists Kelzo and Evan Barlow spent nearly two weeks completing the artwork in time for Remembrance Day.

Kelzo poses next to his artwork

Local councilor John Harding, who represents Atherleigh Ward, told the Manchester Evening News: “It has brought the city together and had a fantastic response across a number of social media sites.

“The support for it has been fantastic. Kelzo and Evan Barlow have done a fantastic job with this local hero.

“It is a memorial to future generations. While it highlights the local hero, it also represents all the fallen and is a reminder of the sacrifice made by all members of our armed forces.”

Appropriately, the person living in the house is a serving member of the RAF, according to Count Harding.

The artwork was created with support from the Wigan Council’s Brighter Borough Foundation.

Other local businesses such as the Leigh department of B&Q, Rothwell Builders and Ross Roofing helped get the mural created on time.

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