Adam Driver never wants to do Comic-Con again: ‘It was scary’

Adam Driver apparently still has no clue just how famous he is.

The “House of Gucci” star — who famously can’t stand to watch himself on-screen — revealed that he was shocked that he couldn’t just walk outside and, say, grab a coffee like it’s no big deal while at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015.

That is, not without donning a full disguise so that rabid sci-fi fans won’t maul him for autographs.

During a recent interview with BBC late-night host Graham Norton, Driver was asked whether he had fun during his appearance at the annual convention while promoting his role as Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

“Uh, no,” he bluntly responded to Norton’s question.

“I didn’t know the rules of Comic-Con,” Driver, 37, explained. “I got in at the hotel at two in the morning … and I’m like, ‘Maybe tomorrow I’ll go get a coffee.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh no, you can’t get a coffee.’ I’m like, ‘Well, maybe I’ll get a coffee in the hotel.’ They’re like, ‘No, you can’t get a coffee in the hotel.’ ”

Apparently, had he wanted to leave his room for any reason, the Oscar-nominated actor would have needed to cover his face — meaning, in a costume befitting of Comic-Con attendees — so that no one would recognize him.

San Diego Comic-Con organizers told the “Star Wars” star that if he wanted to leave his hotel room for any reason, he should “put a mask on so nobody knows who you are.” 
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“They’re like, ‘If you want to go outside, put a mask on so nobody knows who you are,’ ” he continued.

Understandably, Driver began to feel a bit cooped up.

“I opened my window because I’d been in the room for 24 hours before this thing we were supposed to do, and then there was a band at the bottom of the building playing the ‘Star Wars’ theme on repeat, because [the cast was] all staying in the hotel. It was scary … I saw what it was.

“I mean, it’s nice,” he added, with a caveat: “I’m not anxious to go again.”

Of course, Driver is known to be a bit squeamish regarding his own celebrity. In 2019, he notoriously walked out on an interview — live — with NPR’s Terry Gross for her long-running radio show “Fresh Air” after producers insisted they play a clip from Noah Baumbach’s divorce drama “Marriage Story.”

While he may not watch himself, audiences these days can see him in Ridley Scott’s medieval period flick “The Last Duel,” with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and, on Nov. 24, alongside Lady Gaga, Al Pacino and Jared Leto in “House of Gucci,” also directed by Scott.

Adam Driver
“I’m not anxious to go again,” Adam Driver said of his Comic-Con experience.
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