Aiming high: West Midlands teacher to climb dormant volcano for charity

Science teacher Anil Sarpal

Anil Sarpal, from Tettenhall in Wolverhampton, is aiming to summit Mount Kazbek, located on the Russian-Georgian border, to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The dormant volcano is over 5,000m in high and will take five days to climb.

Anil, who teaches at High Point Academy in Wednesbury, will be supported from afar by his wife Raman, twins Anya and Ambar, and daughter Jaya.

The 49-year-old said: “Back in 2007 I had a tumour (a schwannoma) which caused me a lot of problems.

“When I had it, I was waiting for the biopsy, and being on the ward made me realise that other kids there had life-threatening conditions.

“I started to raise money while I was at Blue Coat Academy and it has carried on from then.

“Recently I found out I now have a liver tumour. They say it is 10mm and doctors are keeping an eye on it

“I have cancer on both sides of the family, and it makes you think you need to do something here.”

Anil has so far raised £2,176 of his £3,000 target and will take on the climb on August 14.

He added: “My health is OK, sometimes I get tired, but the main thing is I want to make a difference in children’s lives.

“The children live life to the full and make the most of it, it is unfair.

“I also found out I am autistic too. People say how can you teach when you have autism, but I am going to keep going.

“One thing that makes me happy is seeing happiness in other people.”

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