Angelina Kisses Vinny In Truth Or Dare (Exclusive Clip) – Hollywood Life

Angelina Pivarnick gave Vinny Guadagnino a messy lap dance on last week’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Feb. 16 episode, she has a chance to make up for it. During a game of truth or dare, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dares Angelina to give Vinny a kiss on the cheek. That’s not good enough for Pauly D, though, who urges her to go for Vinny’s lips instead. Vinny isn’t having it, though. “Guys, stop making it weird,” he urges Nicole and Pauly.

Eventually, Snooki relents and allows Angelina to go for the cheek, and she begins by forcefully pulling Vinny’s face towards hers. “Stop! Why do you have to be so violent?” he asks. Angelina tames it down and finally plants one on Vinny’s cheek. “Aw, cute,” he agrees, in the end.

angelina pivarnick vinny guadagnino
Angelina and Vinny during truth or dare. (MTV)

Next, Snooki dares Angelina to “drop it hot on Vinny” like she wanted to (and failed to) earlier on. “Here’s your second chance to be sexy,” Snooki says. “Your lap dance sucked. Girl, I know you can do better.” Unfortunately, take two isn’t off to a much better start, as Vinny is immediately screaming in horror. “Angelina stepped on my d*** again,” he insists. “Literally, stepping on my b****. Angelina is not good at dropping it like it’s hot.”

Vinny is willing to let it happen, but not when Angelina gets aggressive. “Why does she have to physically assault first?” he complains. In the end, Angelina stands over Vinny, and concludes her show by simply sitting on his lap, which confuses everyone.

Angelina isn’t ready to stop flirting with Vinny, and at that point, even Snooki has had enough. “B****, you’re f***ing weird,” she tells Angelina. After a few glasses of wine, Angelina isn’t having it. “I’m going to bed, goodnight guys.” Snooki tries to insist that they’re all just having fun, but Angelina is past the point of seeing the situation clearly, as she storms off to bed.

“Angelina went through, like, an entire toxic relationship tonight,” Vinny explains. “I got a lap dance. She beat me up. She had a fight with herself.” Pauly adds, “She stormed off and beefed with Nicole.” We’ll have to see how she feels in the morning when Jersey Shore airs on MTV on Feb. 16 at 8:00 p.m.!