Apple London campus delay; space in the city’s tallest skyscraper

A delay in the completion of the new Apple London campus inside the iconic Battersea Power Station has seen the company rent additional space inside the city’s tallest skyscraper at 22 Bishopsgate.

The company’s new campus was to be completed by the end of last year, but this was delayed by the pandemic and other factors …

Apple London campus delay

Apple employees in London have historically been divided into eight different locations, including offices above their flagship store on Regent Street.

We first learned that Apple was opening a new UK campus inside the iconic Battersea Power Station building back in 2016. Shortly after, we saw representations of the surrounding development. The campus is intended to be the new home for about 1,400 Apple employees spread over six floors, a total of 500,000 square feet.

The development got its own brand new subway station, which opened a few months ago, but it looks like things are still not ready for Apple’s entire London workforce to move in. The company had started making backup plans as long ago as in 2018, i.e. a “just in case” basis, and is now probably very grateful that it did!

Extra space in new skyscraper

Apple Post discovered a payment wall report The times that the company Cupertino has also rented additional office space in a new skyscraper in London, known only by the address 22 Bishopsgate. (This is something of a commentary on the boring architecture, as most other modern buildings in the area have their own nicknames, such as the gherkin, cheese grater, and walkie-talkie.)

Apple is taking two floors of the building for its Apple Pay team was reported as long ago as 2019, but the company has now rented additional space.

From the 2019 report:

The world’s first trillion-dollar company has agreed to rent about 100,000 sq ft at 22 Bishopsgate, a 62-story skyscraper that will be the tallest building in the city, the capital’s financial district, when completed next year.

The agreement comes a year later The times revealed that Apple had begun making contingency plans in case of delays in the construction of its planned headquarters at the rebuilt Battersea Power Station.

The latest report says that Apple has now rented an additional three floors.

Apple has taken three more floors of office space at 22 Bishopsgate, the newest skyscraper in the City of London.

The world’s largest technology company, valued at $ 2.5 trillion, has rented two floors in the 62-story tower since construction was completed this time last year. It is understood that Apple has now agreed to take another three floors – about 75,000 sq ft – according to people familiar with the deal.

While Apple Post describes the area as London’s financial district, suggesting it would be logical to house the Apple Pay team there, the situation is a bit more complicated. The skyscraper falls within the City of London – an area of ​​1 square kilometer that was the capital’s historic financial center. But lack of space led banks and financial services companies to relocate most of their activities to the Docklands, in a massive development centered around Canary Wharf. This left the more old-fashioned institutions in town, so it’s a bit surprising that Apple Pay would base itself there instead of in Canary Wharf.

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