Apple’s funny new television commercial is for the Apple Card

Back in 2019, the Apple Card was introduced. Applying for one is as easy as opening the Wallet app on your iPhone and tapping on the “+” icon on the upper right of the display. You will then see a menu that includes an option reading “Apply for Apple Card.”
Apple’s partner for the Apple Card is the international banking house Goldman Sachs and as a member of the Mastercard payment network, the Apple Card is accepted everywhere that Mastercard is, which is basically everywhere. Apple points out that the Apple Card has no fees and “is a secure and simple as iPhone.” And Apple will not sell your data.
Today, Apple released a new television ad for the Apple Card titled “Chocolate” which will probably be used in a 30-second or 15-second commercial. The video opens in a convenience store where this gentleman has half of a fake Milky Way chocolate bar in his mouth and it is his turn to pay at the register. But he has no money whatsoever. He checks his pockets all over (almost making the video NSFW).

Meanwhile, we hear the background song playing which fittingly is “Chocolate” (feat. Trozé) by Big Boi. The cashier, who has a stern face to begin with, is incredulous while others in the store are beginning to notice this guy’s strange gyrations as he seeks some change. But suddenly this chocolate-eating cash-less man has an epiphany. He pulls out his iPhone, taps the Wallet app and applies for an Apple Card.

Apple says that you can apply and use the Apple Card in minutes. And in the time it takes to snap a finger (surely this was sped up for the commercial), our hero is approved for the Apple Card. In one motion he taps his iPhone screen to accept the card and puts his phone by the POS terminal to ring up his purchase. The tag line? “Reboot your credit card.”

You are sure to see this commercial during the NBA playoffs, televised Major League Baseball games, and when the NHL playoffs begin.

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