Artist Alex Arzu’s new downtown Houston installation

The Lyric Garage will soon be lit up with a new art installation that you’ll be able to see from I-45.

HOUSTON — If you’ve been in and around downtown Houston in the last few years, the chances are high that you’ve seen artist Alex Arzu’s colorful creations.

But it’s his latest work in the heart of the Theater District that’s getting all the attention.

“Everybody’s heads are turning up towards the mural. It’s really really cool to see,” Arzu said.

His latest art installation sits four stories high and is 19 feet tall.

“It’s the most unique canvas I have ever seen,” Arzu said.

It’s inside a massive glass box that seemingly floats right in the corner of the Lyric Garage and atop Lyric Market, a new food hall opening later this fall. The building’s unique design and eye-catching color display only further fascinate those on street level.

“It illuminates at night,” Arzu said. “It’s cool to see the piece integrate with that element as well.”

Arzu’s painting features floating sharks amongst chords of music. It’s meant to inspire harmony in the midst of urban sprawl.

“I created it digitally, but I’m painting it physically,” Arzu said.

You’ll be able to see it from as far away as I-45.

“That pod extrudes from the building,” Arzu said. “It gives a picturesque view towards the city.”

But he’s not done yet. For the next two weeks, you’ll see him working four stories high, putting the finishing touches on his latest art installation bringing downtown Houston to life.

“I want them to be immersed in the colors, the texture, the dimension, into the perspective and really put themselves in wonder,” Arzu said.

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