At a Glance widget now shows earthquake alerts and Safety check countdown on your Pixel phone

Following a new widget for connected Bluetooth accessories

Pixel 3 vs Pixel 6 at a glance widget

The At a Glance widget on Google Pixel phones has undergone significant changes since the Google Pixel 6 with new features such as fitness activity, bedtime reminders, and even alerts from your Nest doorbell. With the March 2022 Feature Drop, the company further enhanced the widget by adding the ability to view the battery level of connected Bluetooth accessories, Safety check countdown, and Earthquake alert warnings. The battery level feature started rolling out only recently, and now, the other two options have also started showing up for some Pixel users.

First spotted by 9to5Google, the At a Glance widget will show a warning whenever an earthquake with a magnitude larger than 4.5 is detected nearby. This is also the minimum threshold to trigger Android’s built-in earthquake alert system. The option is reportedly enabled by default on Pixel 6 units that have received the feature. As for the Safety check, it shows the countdown on the widget whenever the Personal Safety feature is triggered. There are toggles to enable / disable both options in the home screen settings.


Screenshots via 9to5Google

The ability to view the battery level of your connected Bluetooth accessories began rolling out at the beginning of this week (via XDA Developers). The widget will show you a card with your connected devices, such as your headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. It’ll also display the battery level and whether you’re connected to them or not. There’s little to this feature, but it should make it easier to see your accessories and monitor their battery.

At a Glance Bluetooth connected accessory
An example of the At a Glance feature

The battery level information was first spotted by Reddit user u / mattbxd, who said that the feature arrived on their device but then disappeared. Google is testing these options for now, which may mean you have to wait to get it on your Pixel phone. It’ll likely be a staged rollout, which means we do not have an exact date for when it’ll arrive. For now, At a Glance is exclusive to Pixel devices, so do not expect to see this on any other Android phones soon.

To find out if you have the new additions for the At a Glance widget, head to your home screen and long press until the customization menu appears. Here, you should select Home settings and then press the cog next to At a Glance. You’ll be able to toggle which elements appear in the future, and if you have the new feature, this will include Connected devices.


Earthquake alerts and Safety check countdown support rolling out

As reported by 9to5Google, Google is rolling out the ability to show earthquake alert warnings and Safety check countdowns in the At a Glance widget.

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