How to delete yourself from the internet

Finally ready to get out of the net? It’s not quite as simple as it should be. sorbet / Getty If you are reading this, it is highly likely that your personal information is available to the public. And by “public” I mean everyone everywhere. So how can deleting yourself from the internet prevent companies … Read more

Are new COVID variants like Omicron associated with low vaccine coverage? Here’s what science says

The emergence of a new SARS-CoV-2 variant, Omicron, has revived global discussions about vaccine distribution, virus mutation, and immunity to new virus strains. Some experts have suggested that the emergence of a new strain may be a result of low levels of vaccine coverage in developing countries. So how do new virus variants arise? And … Read more

Trump says he wants to debate politicians and leading editors in a ‘ratings bonanza’ TV special on election fraud

Former President Donald Trump expressed his desire to debate top news editors and politicians in an election fraud TV special.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Former President Donald Trump said he wants a “ratings bonanza” debate on election fraud. In a statement on Sunday, Trump called on top news editors and politicians to debate him. Trump has continued … Read more

Busy Philipps says eldest child Birdie ‘discussed’ coming out as non-binary with her

Busy Philipps is reflecting on some of the lessons learned as a parent after her oldest child, Birdie, came out as non-binary. The Dawson’s Creek alum, 42, gushed over Birdie for being ‘the coolest’ and for having the confidence to share their true identity with the world. Phillips first discussed Birdie’s coming out in an … Read more