Baz Luhrmann gives Elvis teaser a little less conversation

Austin Butler as Elvis Presley in Elvis

It’s been nearly a decade since his last movie, but Baz Luhrmann has entered the building.

Set to hit theaters in June 2022, Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis Presley biopic, Elvis, now has a teaser, and it’s a teaser in the truest sense. There’s no lip-curling or hip-swiveling here, just silhouettes of the man who would be King.

The trailer shows Presley at three different stages of his career. The first, presumably, his discovery; the second, his 1968 comeback special; and finally, a recreation of backstage footage from the 1970 documentary Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.

Who knows if this is the approach, but the teaser is reminiscent of Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs, following its iconic subject through three significant moments of public life. Though one would assume the first would be the Ed Sullivan performance, so maybe there will be more than three sequences in this movie.

Luhrmann announced Elvis in 2014, with Venom-screenwriter Kelly Marcel and him teaming up on the script. But, after a brief diversion with the underrated Netflix musical, The Get Down, the project fell out of the public’s eye.

That was until Warner Bros. announced America’s dad Tom Hanks would play Elvis’ controlling manager Colonel Tom Parker. Hanks was at work on Elvis when he and Rita Wilson contracted COVID and became a bellwether for the end of normal life as we know it.

As for Elvis, Austin Butler, who was as real as a donut as Manson family member Tex Watson in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, will be playing the King. All that can be gleaned from these 20 seconds, though, is that he’s got the walk down.

Olivia DeJonge plays the King’s queen Priscilla. DeJonge is probably best known for her role in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit.

Elvis puts on its blue suede shows and gyrates that pelvis into theaters on June 24, 2022.

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