BBC News Apology After Showing Wrong Footballer In Rape Arrest Report – Deadline

BBC News has had to apologise after a picture of premier league footballer Raheem Sterling was displayed while airing a report about a completely different footballer arrested for alleged sexual offences.

On Thursday morning on the BBC News channel, a photograph of Sterling, who had featured in earlier report about a lucrative transfer from Manchester City to Chelsea, appeared on screen behind sports presenter Mike Bushell while he gave an update on the arrest of the other, unidentified footballer.

When alerted to the error later on, the Guardian reports that another presenter on the channel apologised on-air and explained the mistake being down to a “technical error”, while emphasising that Sterling was “wholly unconnected” with the later story.

The BBC said: “In our sports bulletin earlier, owing to a technical error the wrong picture appeared in connection with a story of a Premier League player arrested over alleged sexual offences.

“A picture of a different and wholly unconnected player was shown. We apologise for that mistake.”


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