BDR Pharmaceuticals launches anti-Cancer drug for advanced Gastric Cancer

BDR Pharmaceuticals announced the launch of a first in India generic – Furmecil which is an oral drug for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer on Wednesday. According to the pharma major, the anti-cancer drug has demonstrated high effectiveness with a favorable safety profile.

The oral drug, popularly known as S-1, is a combination of three drugs – Tegafur, Gimeracil, and Oteracil are soon going to be available in the Indian market. I will be sold in the form of capsules in two strengths (Tegafur 15 mg + Gimeracil 4.35 mg + Oteracil 11.80 mg & Tegafur 20 mg + Gimeracil 5.80 mg + Oteracil 15.80 mg).

“Our vision is to bring globally available and highly effective but expensive medicines to the Indian patients making them accessible at affordable prices, BDR Pharma, takes the lead to bring cost-effective treatment for Gastric cancer in India as part of its latest pharmaceutical innovation. Our focused launch of such first time ever newly advanced molecule in the treatment of various cancer indications is testimony to our solid commitment to providing access to affordable medicines for Indian cancer patients with high-quality standards without compromising patient’s safety, ”Raheel Shah, Director of Business Development on behalf of BDR Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai said during the launch.

Gastric cancer is one of the most important malignancies in terms of cases and mortality across the globe. It is the fourth most common malignant disease and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths around the world.

At present, the treatment includes targeted molecules, a combination of local surgery and radiation therapy as well as systemic chemotherapy. According to the Indian Journal of Medical and Pediatric Oncology, the combination therapy with S-1 has been in progress to obtain a better survival rate for the patient, lower cost and better quality of life.

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