Birmingham MP speaks out as Joe Lycett shreds £10K in World Cup protest

Birmingham comedian Joe Lycett was against former England captain David Beckham’s participation as ambassador to the games since Qatar has anti-LGBTQ+ laws

The Brummie comedian had given Beckham an ultimatum to abandon his deal in which case he would have donated the cash to LGBTQ+ charities supporting gay people in suport. But if he declined he said he woul d shred the money.

However, Beckham did not withdraw from his role and neither did he respond to Lycett. The comedian posted a video of him shredding the money yesterday (Sunday, November 21).

Birmingham MP Preet Gill said they money should have gone to charities, especially as the cost of living crisis is affecting so many local people.

She told BBC: “People would want him to give it to charity, especially food banks here in Birmingham that are really struggling. He’s from the city, so, I think that would be really welcome.”

Joe Lycett is believed to have shred real money (Photo by Kate Green/Getty Images)

Other people, some fans and some critics, have also responded to the comedian’s act of protest. One person said: “I may not be the first to say this, but that is not real money, so congrats on making the point without destroying actual money. I suspect you also gave the real money away to charity. Achieving your goal without going full KLF is a win win.”

Another said: “I get charities need money but people are really missing the point of this. Joe could turn around and say, I also donated £100,000 to some LGBTQ+ charity and people would still be mad.”

Birmingham Edgbaston MP Preet Gill

One fan wrote: “This has raised awareness of how little people still value LGBTQ lives, it’s raised awareness of how people who claim to be allies can be bought and it raises awareness of how vile this whole farce of a world cup is… That’s a lot for 10k. This was art.”

A critic said: “Shredding £10,000 no matter how legitimate your point when millions are using food banks in the UK is not progressive.”

Watch the moment Joe Lycett apparently shredded the money here: