Bold & Beautiful: Will Steffy Stop Ridge and Taylor’s Wedding?

Holy cliffhanger!

It looks like The Bold and the Beautiful is determined to win the “Most Stunning November Sweeps Twist” award in our annual year-ending Best & Worst roundup. Here we were assuming that Douglas would spend a day or two pouting in his room before finally telling everyone at Ridge and Taylor’s wedding the truth about that CPS call. Instead, the so-sad-we-want-to-hug-him tot told the last person we’d expected him to tell: Steffy!

While the rest of us were busy trying to decide which stuffing to make with our turkey, Bold & Beautiful‘s writers were figuring out the most inventive way to cook Thomas’ goose! Of course, that’s assuming that Steffy decides to do the right thing by revealing what she now knows.

And that is most definitely not a given!

Something tells us that Steffy will do the right thing… but that timing will prove to be important. Sure, she could go downstairs and reveal what she knows before things get underway, thus preventing this from becoming a public scandal.

But given how hard Taylor and Ridge’s daughter campaigned for her parents to reunite, it seems more likely that she’ll decide the truth can wait a few hours… say, maybe, until after the pair have exchanged vows. Surely, she might reason, her father will think twice about running back to Brooke if doing so would mean having to end his marriage to Taylor!

If there’s an upside for Brooke, it’s that she didn’t accept Bill’s offer to run off and live happily ever after. She wisely decided to prove her loyalty to Ridge and wait. (Of course, Bill then made basically the same offer to her sister… while standing in Brooke’s living room, which was downright tacky.)

It’s now more clear than ever that the truth is going to come out… it’s just a matter of when. And then there’s the question of whether this will finally be the act which causes Ridge and Taylor to open their eyes where Thomas is concerned. Perhaps they’ll at last get him the help he needs to set him on a life-changing path at the end of which he’ll find the love he’s needed for so long.

One thing’s for sure… we will definitely be tuning in tomorrow to see how this whole mess plays out!

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