Members of parliament want the capital gains tax doubled

Market news Members of parliament want the capital gains tax doubled Friday, May 27, 2022 National Assembly Finance Committee Chairman Gladys Wanga. PHOTO | POOL Investors selling properties will still be subject to higher tax rates, even with the reduction in the proposed capital gains tax (CGT), after lawmakers rejected calls to factorize inflationary changes … Read more

8 reasons why you should study English in England

If you come from Commonwealth countries, you probably already know English. English has become one of the dominant languages ​​worldwide and a first choice among tourists in international surroundings. English has become a string connecting global transactions, corporations, political summits and more. The British were responsible for spreading the English language across Europe, Africa and … Read more

Codagenix doses first participant in phase I intranasal COVID-19 vaccine trials

Codagenix, in collaboration with the Serum Institute of India, on Thursday announced the dosing of the first phase I clinical trial of a new intranasal vaccine, CoviLiv, for use as a COVID-19 booster. According to reports, the UK-based trial will evaluate the use of Codagenix’s live attenuated virus vaccine as a booster in healthy adult … Read more

NTC approves registration of Musk’s Starlink

Starlink mission. SpaceX / Flickr The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) announced on Friday that it has recently approved the registration of Starlink Internet Services Philippines, Inc. as a value-added service provider (VAS), enabling it to directly access satellite systems, build and operate broadband facilities to offer internet services in the country. Starlink, a satellite Internet … Read more

Bob Hair, Scottish lead role, Cazenove Capital

Bob Hair, who heads UK asset manager Cazenove Capital’s operations in Scotland, tells Business Matters what defines his way of doing business. What are you doing at Cazenove Capital at the moment? I lead Cazenove Capital’s team in Scotland based in Edinburgh. We have a team of 13 professionals here, all of whom are dedicated … Read more