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No10’s new freebies for fitties scheme is launched in Wolverhampton

No10’s new freebies for fitties scheme launches in Wolverhampton, where 250,000 people will be ‘rewarded’ with discount coupons and cinema tickets if they exercise and eat healthy The scheme will see the British carry Fitbit-style devices to monitor their training About 250,000 people in Wolverhampton can download the app from January Health Secretary Sajid Javid … Read more

COVID-19: Hospital and patients still battling the ghost of coronavirus – ‘Just take the vaccine’ | UK News

Breathless at Gemma Roberts that the road to recovery will be long. At least for the next few months, the four walls of her anteroom will be her reality. Unable to move long after spending two months unconscious on a ventilator, she is completely dependent on her fiancĂ©, Sophie, as she struggles with a serious … Read more

‘Protect the NHS’ could be one of the most damaging slogans in history, writes Professor KAROL SIKORA

Maybe the most dangerous three words in the English language are ‘Protect the NHS’. After 18 months of discouraging people from coming to hospital for treatment, we are now seeing the catastrophic results. A report by the National Audit Office (NAO) this week showed that up to 740,000 potential cancer patients have been missing since … Read more

Covid: Forensic doctor examines the death of New Zealand tradition Rory James Nairn 12 days after Pfizer vaccine stings

The death of a healthy and active 26-year-old man who mysteriously died 12 days after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine is being investigated by the forensic pathologist. Rory James Nairn, 26, had palpitations for several days before collapsing on the floor of his home in Dunedin, New Zealand on November 17. … Read more

Why you can not ‘detox’ from COVID-19 vaccines

An increasing number of people are searching for information on how to “detoxify” themselves from the COVID-19 vaccine after receiving it, for fear that it may have harmful effects. But is this ever safe or at all possible? Share on PinterestCan you really ‘detox the vaccine’ and is it safe to try? Image credit: Ben … Read more