WHO chief researcher urges ‘do not panic’ over Omicron as countries step up measures

The World Health Organization (WHO) chief researcher on Friday urged people not to panic over the emergence of the Omicron Covid variant as various countries increased the measures to limit it. The Omicron variant was first discovered in South Africa last week and has since spread to dozens of countries around the world. The WHO … Read more

Recent countries hit by new Covid tribe – RT World News

The new Covid variant has triggered panic since it was first discovered in South Africa. Countries reintroduced travel restrictions in an attempt to limit the spread – despite this, the tribe has begun to conquer the globe. United States On Wednesday, the United States reported the country’s first confirmed case of the Omicron variant in … Read more

Voters dump Barnier and Bertrand in the French Conservative Party’s primary election

Eric Ciotti, the most right-wing of the French presidential candidates for Les Républicains, and Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France region around Paris, will fight for the Conservative party’s nomination after winning the first round of the primary vote. Pécresse, who is vying to become the first female president of France, is now the favorite … Read more

Russia sends defense missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan Russia

Russia has deployed coastal defense missile systems near the Pacific Islands, also claimed by Japan, a move aimed at emphasizing Moscow’s firm stance on the conflict. The bastion missile systems were moved to Matua, a deserted volcanic island in the middle of the Kuril archipelago. Japan claims four of the southernmost islands. The Russian Ministry … Read more

COVID-19: Stranded British travelers face spending Christmas in quarantine hotels | Business news

British travelers in South Africa are facing the prospect of spending Christmas in quarantine hotels as there are not enough rooms to accommodate the number of people currently trying to return. Many also face costs amounting to thousands of pounds as they are forced to rebook flights and extend their stay around the limited available … Read more

Belarus: British government imposes more sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko’s regime | Politics news

The British government has imposed several sanctions on Belarus over alleged human rights violations. Along with the US, Canada and the EU, the UK on Thursday issued new penalties against eight Belarusian individuals “responsible for repression and human rights violations”. An asset freeze has also been made on one of the world’s largest producers of … Read more

Testing for loopholes used by travelers can drive Covid cases up

Some passengers have been shown using old Covid-19 test results to sneak into the UK (Photo: AP; Getty) Stricter restrictions introduced amid growing concern over the new ‘super-mutant’ variant ‘doesn’t really make any difference’ for travelers hoping to save some money. As the UK now requires proof of a negative PCR Covid test, holidaymakers have … Read more