Chu hires by TruthDAO, a new crypto publication

Kathy Chu

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Kathy Chu has joined a newly launched journalism organization named TruthDAO to cover the cryptocurrency world.

TruthDAO, co-founded by former WSJ and USA Today veteran Leslie Cauley, is the world’s first web3 news DAO – decentralized autonomous organization – devoted to non-partisan, bias-free journalism. TruthDAO will focus on national news. Core areas of coverage include business, health care, Washington / geo-politics, the environment and culture.

Chu will be hosting an interview series, “Crypto DeFined,” that discusses and deconstructs the $ 3 trillion crypto economy, with a focus on innovators, disruptors and hecklers. The show will be carried on Fireside, an interactive, participatory media and entertainment platform founded by Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi.

TruthDAO is building a branded news hub on Fireside that creates, aggregates and distributes nonpartisan, unbiased and interactive news shows that complement its online news offering.

Prior to TruthDAO, Chu worked as a regional business correspondent in Asia for The Wall Street Journal, covering a range of business topics, from the shift in manufacturing away from low-cost countries to the fall of cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox. Earlier in her career, Chu was a reporter for USA Today and a contributor to Newsday and Life magazine.

Chu is a recipient of the George Polk Award for business reporting, the Award for Excellence in Economic Journalism, the Newswomen’s Club of New York award, and other honors.

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