City of Fort Worth Offers Free Menstrual Products – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Women will find something new in the stalls of city-owned buildings in Fort Worth. Free menstrual products are now available.

Director of Property Management Steve Cooke says the city spent $38,000 to buy dispensers that supply pads, tampons and disposable bags.

City staff installed 127 dispensers in 44 buildings including city hall, community centesr, the convention center and libraries.

Custodial staff will refill them along with other hygenic necessities like toilet paper, paper towels and soap.

The city council approved the free products back in June after discussing a proposal that included statistics such as:

-One of four women sturggle to purchase menstrual products due to lack of income.
-The average woman will spend about $18,000 on menstrual products during her lifetime.
-Government programs like SNAP and WIC, which help people pay for food, do not include menstrual products as an eligible items. Menstrual products are subject to sales tax.

In the proposal from councilwoman Elizabeth Beck and Mayor Mattie Parker noted that some individual city facilities provide the items to those in need.

“By making menstrual products freely accessible in community centers, libraries, city hall and municipal court, the City can formalize the current practice of some facilities and offset this inequity,” she wrote.

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