City of London gives green light to new office tower as confidence in Square Mile returns

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 15.01

The City of London Corporation this afternoon approved plans for a new 24-storey office tower on Houndsditch in the Eastern Cluster, Square Miles’ seventh tall building, to be approved so far this year.

The city’s planning and transportation committee supported Brockton Everlast’s plan, designed by architects AHMM, which offers about 56,500 square meters of office space as well as a number of shop and café spaces, common areas, bicycle parking in the basement and a new public area.

“The development has a strong focus on sustainability with the proposals aimed at reducing operational carbon emissions by 44 percent compared to a building that complies with building regulations) and reducing lifetime carbon emissions,” the City of London Corporation said in a statement. .

It also includes thermal storage to hold the heat for use in the colder months with a heat exchange scheme to share the excess waste heat, which cannot be stored, with the nearby Middlesex Street Estate.

The development also includes ambitious urban greenery, including green walls and various landscaped terraces and balconies for office users. Sidewalks around the site will be widened and there will be extensive landscaping and greener to the new public area, increasing the liveliness of the Petticoat Lane Market and improving the connection to the eastern cluster with areas to the north and east.

A flexible community offering with rooms for social spaces and learning programs focusing on gardening and greener cities will be free to access for community groups, charities and schools.

The scheme also promotes sustainable travel and includes facilities for cyclists with 948 long-term and 33 short-term bicycle parking spaces, as well as facilities such as showers, lockers and bicycle repairs.

Chairman of City Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee, Alastair Moss, said: “115-123 Houndsditch is the seventh office-led high-rise building plan to secure a building permit in the Square Mile this calendar year. developers.

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