‘Controlling girlfriend killed partner in brutal stabbing after altercation over cheating’ – told the court

A ‘controlling and obsessive girlfriend’ killed her partner after stabbing her 54 times during a brutal attack in her home after accusing her of being unfaithful to him, ‘a court ruled.

Ian Bennett then tried to cover up what he had done by “weaving a web of deception,” it was claimed

But prosecutors for the Crown claim his lies were revealed after police found evidence he was trying to dump evidence.

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Ian Bennett, 38, has denied having murdered Kerry Woolley, 38, who was found dead in his home in July 2020.

The accused’s mother Lynda Bennett, 63, has pleaded not guilty to distorting the trial and assisting a perpetrator.

Both defendants live at the same address in Moordown Avenue, Solihull.

Caroline Goodwin QC, prosecutor at Birmingham Crown Court, said Ian Bennett had called emergency services on July 12 last year to Miss Woolley’s apartment in Westley Heights off Warwick Road, where she was found with fatal neck injuries in her bedroom.

Kerry Woolley

She said: “That call was nothing more than a pre-scheduled call hours after he already knew she was dead.

“He had been a guest in her home the night before

“He attacked her. It was a deliberate attack to kill her.”

Miss Goodwin continued: “It was both brutal and deliberate. She sustained 54 severe power injuries, most in the neck area.

“This violence was carried out with two knives. Her injuries were catastrophic.

“Knowing exactly what he had done, he bought himself time. He returned to his own home and destroyed evidence.

“He sought to dive and dive and misled the police. Too cowardly to accept what he had done.

“He did everything he could to cover up his involvement. The destruction of the evidence was carried out with the willing assistance of his mother.

“It was part of a masquerade. He was the hard-working boyfriend who had found his girlfriend dead.”

Miss Goodwin said that Bennett and Miss Wooley had previously been out together, where they had met another couple in a wine bar, and that the accused had taken cocaine.

She said they had returned to one of the other couple’s apartments, but Bennett then accused Miss Woolley of “cheating” with the other woman.

Miss Goodwin told the jury: “We say that the paranoid, compulsive and controlling way he behaved came to light.”

The trial continues.


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