Corfe Mullen man illegally disposed of mountains of rubbish

A MAN has been fined thousands of pounds for illegally disposing of mountains of rubbish, including by fire, which caused an emergency service to call out.

Mark Smith, 53, of Heatherlands, Boundary Lane, Corfe Mullen pleaded guilty to two counts of deliberately allowing activity in violation of an environmental permit, related to incidents at his address.

He was convicted at Poole Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, November 3, where it was heard he “did not know” what he was doing was illegal.

Prosecutor for the Environment Agency Kieran Martyn said Smith had piles of debris, including green debris, electrical cables, refrigerators and UPVC window frames.

He said that in order for people to dispose of waste like this, a permit must be given by the Environmental Protection Agency, which it was not in Smith’s case.

Sir. Martyn said: “Because of the cost of disposing of waste, there is a temptation for people to dispose of their waste illegally.

“In this particular case, on April 3, 2019, officers attended the scene to report illegal waste activity, they saw piles of debris at various locations.”

Bournemouth Echo: The waste found at Mark Smith's address

Sir. Martyn said the debris measured 160 cubic feet and included a bathtub, shower drain and window frames.

He said a vehicle with more green trash arrived and when he saw the officers, he turned around and left.

Smith then arrived, confirming he was in control of the site, officers told him to stop bringing debris into the site.

The officers visited twice more when new piles of rubbish had appeared. Sir. Martyn said on one occasion that the fire department had to be called to a fire that started burning the garbage.

Sir. Martyn added: “Burnt green waste generated harmful emissions. He ignored advice from officers.”

It cost more than £ 9,000 to dispose of all the waste.

Bournemouth Echo: The waste found at Mark Smith's address

Smith represented himself, saying, “Everything he has said is true. Since the lockdown has been eased, I have disposed of household waste responsibly, and I will continue to do so.”

Magistrate Michael Borland fined Smith a total of £ 2,800.

He said: “We have looked at the financial gain that has been achieved and the facts that have been provided have been part of our conclusion.”

Smith was also ordered to pay £ 700 costs and £ 170 offer surcharges.

Bournemouth Echo: The waste found at Mark Smith's address

A spokesman for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency said: “A 5 hectare land surrounded by landscapes and close to areas of outstanding natural beauty was used as an illegal waste dump, where household waste, hedge trimmers, construction and demolition waste were dumped and either burned or buried.

“In addition to the environmental impact of this crime, there was also an impact on local businesses, the site was visited by artisans, who reduced their cost of dumping waste here instead of paying to dispose of it safely. This means conscientious businesses Anyone who hires a craftsman for construction, gardening or house cleaning work has a duty to ensure that they employ an authorized waste transporter who brings their waste to a regulated facility.

“The Environmental Protection Agency will take robust steps to deal with this type of crime and hopes that this conviction will deter others from committing similar offenses.”

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