Covid booster jab added to NHS app after some countries imposed restrictions on third-party vaccines

The NHS app needs to be updated to show signs of travel booster jabs, as some countries are starting to impose travel restrictions on people whose Covid jabs are more than six months old.

Boris Johnson confirmed at a press conference in Downing Street: “We will make plans to add the booster dose to the NHS Covid Travel Pass.

“What the general lesson is, if someone wants to travel, you can see that being vaccinated with a booster will make your life easier for foreign travel. If you think about it, this is another reason to get it done.”

The travel passport currently allows UK residents to show proof of their first and second Covid vaccinations for entry into countries such as the US, which only allows fully jabbed travelers.

Croatia, Austria and Switzerland are among a growing number of countries restricting the validity of vaccine passports, considering only travelers ‘fully vaccinated’ for a year after their second dose or booster jab.

As the NHS app currently does not support evidence of a booster jab, some UK holidaymakers have experienced difficulty traveling abroad.

asked by I if Covid travel and self-isolation restrictions will change based on whether a person has received their booster vaccine, Mr Johnson said: “Getting your booster will be an important fact and we will need to adjust our concept of what constitutes [full] vaccination and take it into account. “

It’s coming afterwards I revealed last week that stricter self-isolation rules could be brought back for people who do not receive a supplemental dose.

Elsewhere in the press conference, the Prime Minister warned that he could not rule out a new lockdown over Christmas due to the wave of Covid sweeping across Europe.

However, he insisted he could see “nothing in the data” indicating that the government would have to impose additional measures on Plan B or even a new shutdown.

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Boris Johnson warns he ‘can not rule anything out’ including Christmas lockdown as new Covid wave sweeps across Europe

Johnson also confirmed that the booster rollout would be extended to all those aged 40 to 49, from six months after their second dose.

Boosters were already available to all those over 50, those with underlying health conditions and NHS and nursing home workers.

Sir. Johnson said: “Let me explain why that booster is absolutely crucial … because the protection against two jabs over time starts to wane, but the third jabs increase the protection back to over 90 percent against systematic infection.

“So far, around 12.6 million people across the UK have received their booster.

“Many more eligible people have not come forward, so if you’re one of those people, please take the third plug, because it would be a complete tragedy if people who did the same thing ended up being serious. sick or losing their lives because they let their immunity diminish. “

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