CPD reports ‘numerous’ tips and 1 reward given out more than 6 months since announcing new tip line

CHICAGO (CBS) – It’s been more than six months since Chicago police announced a new tip line to help catch murderers and gun traffickers in the city.

Brown said they’ve received “numerous” tips, but he would not say how many in total.

He did say that of the “numerous” tips they’ve received on this tip line, they’ve paid one reward. Rewards are given out for tips that lead to charges or convictions.

Tips related to gun trafficking can be up to $ 5,000, while those in homicide cases can be upwards of $ 15,000.

When asked about the tips, Supt. Brown pushed back and insisted on keeping the tip line anonymous

“We’re going to be very protective of people who risk a lot to give us information to solve homicides,” Brown said. “Just think of what we’re talking about. We’re talking about a very, we all know the retaliatory nature of some of our homicides as well as some of the instances we’ve all heard and seen where witnesses are threatened, seriously injured … So not going any further on that. “

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