Creative Imagination brings your design ideas to life

Graphic design is a skill that is in high demand these days. That is why it is vital to select the perfect graphic design firm to take your brand to the next level.

Have a creative idea you’d like to bring to life? Creative Imagination graphic designers are masters at creating immersive graphics that will attract your audience.

Taj Emmanuel began his career at STAR Publishing Company as a digital press operator. He had always been interested in art, and the company’s graphic designer at the time encouraged him to pursue a career in design. When work was slow, he took advantage of the downtime to learn from his coworker and also taught himself via YouTube university and Adobe books.

Since its inception, Creative Imagination has done some great work for local brands, utilizing bold design choices to convey brand messaging where necessary, and not shying away from unconventional options. Ultimately, their creativity shines across the majority of their projects. They specialize in flyer designs, logos, business card artwork, signage designs, banner designs, t-shirt designs, mugs, merch designs, website designs, and more.

Logo designed by Creative Imagination

Taj plans to continue improving and learning in order to become the best graphic designer for flyers. He also wants to experiment with different types of designs, as well as creative and digital products.

“I want to keep growing and become the number one flyer designer. I want to hire staff so that I can focus on more specialized areas such as animation, photography, and videography and expand my international reach. I’d also like to experiment with different types of designs, as well as creative and digital items.”

“What I want to say to my fellow business owners is whatever you do give it your best.Manage your money and reinvest in your company. Take care of your business so that it can one day take care of you and your family. Learn something new every day, and don’t be afraid to fail. You can only learn from your mistakes.Always bet on yourself.”

Check out their work on Instagram @creativeimagination_lc or call 758-713-0097 for design requests.