boss: ‘Russia cyberattacked us hours after we quit’ | Business

When the London-based billionaire Viktor Prokopenya decided to stop his cryptocurrency exchange group serving clients in Russia last week, he did not realize how quickly the backlash would arrive.

Within minutes of the announcement came a torrent of abuse and death threats from Russians to his call-center staff. Unpleasant but perhaps not unexpected, given its 500,000-strong band of customers in the country.

What happened next was more of a shock. Just hours after the move, which included a company statement condemning Russian “aggression” and “this terrible war”, came under the biggest cyber attack the tech entrepreneur had seen.

“We’ve been attacked before, like all financial firms, but the size of this was incredible”:’s Viktor Prokopenya

Prokopenya, who originally hails from Belarus, is convinced it came from Russia. “You do not have to be a rocket scientist,” he said. “We’ve been attacked before,

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