Died as 43-year-old: London’s famous chef Gurpareet Bains suffers from sudden heart attack

The Enfield-based renowned chef and author Gurpareet Bains has passed away at the age of 43, By AM has been told.

The co-founder of Vedge Snacks suffered a heart attack last Thursday and had been in the hospital ever since. Although he regained consciousness a day later, his kidneys could not start again and Bains died yesterday due to heart and kidney complications.

He first came into the international spotlight in 2009 when he created ‘the world’s healthiest meal’, a simple chicken curry with blueberries and Goji Berry Pilau – which contained the antioxidant equivalent of 23 bunches of grapes.

Gurpareet’s debut recipe book, Indian Superfood, was published by Bloomsbury in July 2010 and was a number 1 bestseller.

His distinctive culinary concept recognizes the USDA’s finding that almost ¼ of the best antioxidant-rich foods available to us are spices.

Bains combined these spices in abundance with nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, low-fat proteins and nuts – commonly known as superfoods – to create Indian Superfood, a collection of the world’s most antioxidant recipes.

Some praise Bains has received over the years:

“Indian superfood is wonderful – the recipes are really varied and imaginative”

Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

“Delicious and happy food”

Lady Vivienne Westwood

“The best curry I have ever tasted”

Chris Evans

“Gurpareet is at the forefront of an evolving Indian cuisine”

Xanthe Clay

“With a scientist’s methodology and an artist’s flair, Gurpareet brings Indian madbang up to date”

Sanjeev Bhaskar OBE

“A unique window to the benefits of true modern Indian cuisine”

Meera Syal MBE


Ching-He Huang

“Gurpareet is a superfood guru”

Sunday Times

“The only book you will ever need”


“A book whose time has come”


“Power Chow”


“Skip paracetamol and reach for curry powder”

Daily mail

“Gurpareet Bains’ foodie bible is on our list of culinary priorities. We strongly encourage you to give it a try”

Huffington Post

“Masala Mojo”

India’s times

“Incredible recipes that blew us away”

Dig Magazine

“Gurpareet is a woman’s health favorite!”

Women’s health magazine

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