Drunk Ukrainian Allegedly Steals Car, Rams Through Checkpoint: Military

The Ukraine National Guard has reported that they shot and detained a Ukrainian citizen who allegedly got drunk, stole a car and barreled through a checkpoint on Sunday night. The guardsmen in Kyiv detained the man, who reportedly has a criminal history.

“Around midnight, while on duty at one of the checkpoints in the city of Kyiv, servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine noticed a car trying to drive through the checkpoint at high speed,” the military unit stated, according to Ukraine’s Pravda media outlet. “At the request of the servicemen, the driver did not stop, which caused him to run into anti-tank hedgehogs and the means to forcibly stop the vehicle.”

The guardsmen fired two warning shots, which didn’t resolve the situation, so they opened fire on the car to forcibly stop it. The man left the vehicle and fled the scene.

“Guardsmen found and detained the offender—he turned out to be a citizen of Ukraine, who has been convicted of criminal offenses several times, who probably stole a vehicle and tried to find a hiding place on the streets of night Kyiv and, among other things, was in a state of alcohol intoxication,” the government stated.

The man was turned over to the National Police‘s operational and investigative units, who will look into the reported events.

Ukraine Checkpoint
A Ukrainian man allegedly got drunk, stole a car and rammed through a Ukraine checkpoint on Sunday, August 7, 2022. Here, Ukrainian servicemen get ready to move toward the frontline at a checkpoint near the city of Lysychansk in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas, on May 23, 2022.
Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images

Checkpoints began springing up all over Ukraine shortly after Russia invaded the country in late February. Russia positioned theirs in the occupied areas of the east and Ukraine set theirs around other major cities.

Checkpoints for Ukraine typically have a base of concrete blocks with sandbags mounted on top of them, and a blue and gold Ukrainian flag for identification.

The war is in day 165, with the 24th week approaching. Pravda reports that more than 42,000 Russians have been killed during this span, and about 1,000 more Russians remain prisoners of war. Ukraine has reported it has destroyed 223 planes, 191 helicopters, 958 artillery systems and more than 4,800 tanks.

Ukraine has gotten a bolster to its defense by imploring M142 high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS), which has created a stalemate lately in the advances of either country.

Bartosz Cichocki, who’s Poland’s ambassador to Ukraine, said HIMARS could have prevented the tragedies and occupation of Mariupol earlier this year.

“We know perfectly well that if the HIMARS had reached Ukraine earlier, the Mariupol tragedy might not have happened. The Ukrainians simply stood 100 kilometers from this city, they were separated by a flat area, they were unable to move the front lines and were forced to idly watch the tragedy of their comrades,” Cichocki said this week.

Russia, on the other hand, claims to have destroyed a number of HIMARS.

“During a counter-battery fight, a Ukrainian platoon of Alder multiple launch rocket systems and American HIMARS were destroyed near the village of Pyatigorskoye, in the Kharkiv region,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov said.

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