Early detection emphasized at Southfield Breast Cancer event

(CBS DETROIT) – October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The city of Southfield and community groups came together on Tuesday to share their message of spreading awareness when it comes to breast cancer.

“Early detection can save your life,” says Zell Randle, the President and CEO of non-profit, Living Brave through Breast Cancer. Randle’s organization, as well as Southfield police, fire department, mayor and other organizations shared their stories of overcoming the adversity that is breast cancer.

“The thing that is special about them is that they are helping people in our community,” said Southfield mayor Kenson Siver.

The majority of speakers circling back to one point of emphasis when it comes to their battles with cancer, early detection.

“This was my second time dealing with breast cancer and I made it through and it was because of early detection,” Randle said. She says if it wasn’t for her daughter pushing her to get tested, she isn’t sure what could have happened. Randle says ignoring the signs is one of the worst possible decisions you can make if you have even the slightest thought that you may have cancer.

“I’m so grateful that she did because it was more than one area of my breast that the cancer was located,” Randle added.

Living Brave through Breast Cancer works to help assistance of all kinds to those individuals and families who have a member diagnosed with breast cancer. Following Randle’s story, other groups like the Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation had their chance to share as well. Through proceeds earned at community fundraisers, a check presentation from the Southfield Police Department granted these groups with additional funding towards their cause, $500 each.