East County residents brace for bad weather

PINE VALLEY, Calif. — Communities in the mountain areas are expected to get the brunt of the rain and winds from Tropical Storm Kay.

Some Pine Valley some residents already got a bit of a drizzle, as the mountains got a few hundredths of an inch. But neighbors in the area are bracing for a downpour Friday.

The horses are moved, the storm drains are cleared and the Horse of the Sun ranch is bracing for Tropical Storm Kay.

“And we just cross our fingers and keep an eye on the rain gauge,” said Ken Callaway of the Armed Services YMCA’s Horse of the Sun Ranch in Pine Valley.

Hurricane Kay is expected to drop to a tropical cyclone Friday as it hits San Diego County. The mountains are expected to see heavy rain from two to four inches, bringing concerns of flooding.

“It is a concern,” Callaway said. “If we get the rain over the four days, two to four inches is not a huge impact on the ranch, but if it comes an inch an hour, two inches an hour, we will definitely, we will see some erosion across the ranch.”

Callaway says he also hunkered down anything that could blow away.

“We’re very concerned with trees, branches falling out of trees,” Callaway said.

The mountains are also expecting gusty east winds up to 60 miles an hour. 

“I’m actually scared because I’m going to be passing through the mountains because those bridges, you know, up high and it usually sways the car on normal days, so I’m a little excited at that weather,” construction worker Christina Slattery said.

Callaway moved all of the horses in their barns to keep them safe as they wait for tropical cyclone Kay to make its way. 

“Things that come up suddenly, if a free branch snaps or something blows across the ranch, that can definitely spook a horse. But if it’s just a rain that comes and goes, the horses will be fine,” Callaway said.

Just three weeks ago, Horse of the Sun ranch almost had to evacuate because of a wildfire that burned near Pine Valley, and now, they’re having to brace for another extreme weather event with Tropical Cyclone Kay. 

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