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Posted on November 16, 2021

We’re playing catchup on so many red carpet events right now, but before the MTVEMAs slips too far away in our rearview mirror, we are compelled to give a shoutout of approval to Ed Sheeran for his efforts.



We say “efforts,” because as much as we appreciate them, they didn’t quite pay off as well as they could have. His recent turn toward boldly colorful Elton-style fashion (without the queer undertones) is to be commended not just for being unexpected and risky, but because his looks and coloring are so well suited to styles like this. As members of a family full of them: pale, blue-eyed gingers already come with a brightly colorful palette built into them. Who doesn’t love a good blue/pink/orange combo? This makes them uniquely suited to bold colors and patterns, but also in the most danger of lapsing into clownwear if they get it wrong. Here’s the thing: the suit looks fantastic on him (fit issues aside), but we think that fear of looking Clown Town caused him to go for generic accompaniments. We don’t think the white shirt/black accessories combination tones the look down so much as it makes it look like he threw the suit on at the last second. We’re not sure a more colorful shirt/tie combo would work here, but at the very least, we think the suit calls for styling a little more impeccable up top and a little more fun (think sneakers) down below.



[Photo Credit: Dutch Press Photo/Cover Images/INSTARimages.com]

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