Facebook post about a fridge divides opinions

MANY people try to pass on good quality white goods for free hoping they will go to an appreciative home.

But a woman from Malvern found her kindness was taken for granted and has voiced her anger after a fridge she gave away for free was put up for sale.

The user explained she gave it someone who claimed their mother had just left an abusive relationship and had nothing.

However, the fridge has now been listed for sale on a Malvern Facebook page, with the person who collected it having blocked the woman.

“Obviously I know that I gave them away and people can do what they want with it as it’s now theirs, I’m just annoyed that she’s told me this story just to sell them on,” read the post.

“Seems like everyone’s out for themselves nowadays it’s sad.”

Dozens of people have shared their thoughts on the topic – and it has certainly split opinion.

One person in agreement, said: “Disgusting behaviour in this day and age when so many people struggling and to lie about something that so people are actually going through.”

Another wrote: “Totally agree that this is wrong!

“It’s exploiting people’s generosity and also taking it from someone who is in true need of it.

“There are people who constantly scroll through Facebook to take free items just to sell on.

“That’s not why people are giving the items away, they are trying to help someone else who maybe can’t afford new things.”

However, others were more sympathetic with the person selling the fridge on.

“As annoying and wrong as it is, you willingly gave them to her so she is free to do as she pleases with them,” commented one user.

Another added: “I totally agree that the deception is wrong but perhaps the people who do this are in need, but not in the way they have presented.

“For example maybe they don’t need your free appliance, but do desperately need something to sell to pay their heating bill or buy their kids school uniforms?

“I’m sure this isn’t true in every case, but perhaps in some and this might bring you some comfort.

“Perhaps you have still done a good deed, but not in the way you first thought!”