Five Reasons Backing in To Park is Better According to Twitter

It felt like an innocuous question. Why are there so many people who choose to back into parking spaces? The topic came up after watching numerous people try desperately with varying degrees of success to back into spots at the grocery store, gym and other locations around town. Some were experts. Others caused a backup similar to a train at a crossing.

So, I put it to Twitter to find out why people make this decision when pulling into their spots. Lo and behold, a torrent of responses. Who knew this was such a big deal to so many people? I certainly did not, but it did shed some light on why some many of our fellow Houstonians opt for reverse when it comes to parking. Nearly 200 responses later, I had a few answers and I’d like to share them with you now.

It’s safer.

It makes sense. Being able to see in front of you helps to avoid fender benders and pedestrian accidents. Backing in, there is far less danger to your car or other people than when pulling out of a spot.

Company safety policies push people into these choices.

This one I never considered, but I do understand. We are an energy-centric city with tons of companies that have to push safety for all their employees. So, extending that safety to the parking lot feels like a wise move both in terms of protecting said employees and avoiding lawsuits.

Faster getaway.

I was surprised at how many people responded with this idea, but with all the gun violence, I guess there is a certain logic to it. Certainly for first responders or anyone working in an unsafe environment, it’s a no brainer. But, there are some who worry about even going to the store these days.

Easier for big trucks.

Welcome to Texas! Honestly, if I had a big truck, there is no question I would back in as well. They are so huge, pulling in forward seems like a massive hassle. And God knows we have a boatload of large trucks on the highways and in the parking lots in Houston.

Rear view cameras changed the game.

This was the most obvious, so much so that I was surprised I didn’t consider it. Conversely, however, it does making backing OUT of a spot safer and easier as well, but this remains a good point. Getting a backup camera for my car absolutely made me feel safer and kept me from backing into telephone poles — don’t judge me.

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