Fortnite Debuts Naruto Skins with a Hard-Hitting and Delicious Trailer

Epic Games dropped a trailer for its highly-anticipated Fortnite x Naruto Shippuden crossover while also revealing a closer look at the in-game skins.

Epic Games dropped a thematically stylish trailer for Fortnite‘s long-awaited crossover with beloved anime and manga Naruto Shippuden.

The trailer sees Team 7 eating an assortment of delicious foods before being interrupted by an otherworldly giant. The group of ninjas charges into battle, while Naruto happily eats his ramen, relying on his small army of shadow clones to fight his battles. Alongside the trailer, Epic Games also opened up about the cosmetics fans will be able to purchase through the in-game store. Several character outfits based on the anime are now available in Fortnite, including Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake. Each comes with a unique variant style except for Sasuke, who instead comes with the Snake Sword Pickaxe.

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All of these new outfits can be purchased as bundles. Each collection combines different characters and comes with unique cosmetics. The Naruto & Kakashi Bundle includes the outfits for both ninjas as well as Scroll Back Bling, Pakkun Back Bling and the Pizza Eating Jutsu Loading Screen.” The Sasuke & Sakura Bundle includes the specified characters as well as the Demon Wind Shuriken Back Bling, Snake Sword Pickaxe, Hidden Leaf Cloak Back Bling and the Team 7 Loading Screen.

To round out your collection of Naruto-inspired cosmetics, you’ll also need to purchase the Shinobi Gear Bundle which includes the Ramen Break Emote, Summoning Jutsu Emote, Kunai Pickaxe, Black Ops Sword Pickaxe and Hidan’s Scythe Pickaxe.

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While all of these cosmetic items are no doubt exciting for fans of both Naruto and Fortnite, the fun doesn’t end there. Players will be able to discover Kakashi, who has hidden on The Island. Once found, the Copy Ninja will begin a new themed Quest. Epic Games has also added a new weapon to the game: The Paper Bomb Kunai. This throwable blade can be discovered via Chests, Loot Llamas or Kakashi, if you can find him.

The final celebratory flourish is a new addition to Fortnite‘s map. Once players touch down they’ll be able to visit the Hidden Leaf Village which has been faithfully recreated. “The Hidden Leaf Village Adventure Map will fully immerse you in the Naruto universe, giving you the chance to fulfill your ninja fantasy and walk in the shoes of a Hidden Leaf resident. Complete quests to unlock even more breathtaking iconic locations such as the Final Valley and the Chunin Exam arena,” reads the official description of the event.

Fortnite is available on nearly every platform imaginable, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices.

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