Four Russian nuclear bombers spotted flying near Ukrainian border

The worrying sight of Russian nuclear-capable bombers flying near the Ukraine border (Picture: east2west news)

Vladimir Putin’s nuclear bombers have been spotted in the skies over western Russia following the sinking of his warship in the Black Sea.

Footage shows four Russian Tu-95s, known as Bears, flying in the Kaluga region, within striking distance of Ukraine.

Moscow has previously used long-range bombers to strike Kyiv with non-nuclear cruise missiles.

But it’s feared the Russian president may escalate his attacks after Ukrainian missiles reportedly destroyed his flagship Moscow.

The Black Sea missile cruiser was a huge force in Putin’s naval front, battering the port cities of Odesa and Mariupol.

His cronies claimed it sank on stormy seas after a fire caused by exploding ammunition – but Ukraine says it was brought down with two Neptune missiles.

An image has also emerged claiming to show Moscow’s last moments.

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METRO GRAPHICS Kaluga-Moscow location map, Russia, Ukraine

The nuclear bombers were flying within striking distance of eastern Ukraine (Picture:

(Picture: Twitter)

The ship appears to share similarities with the Moscow flagship although it remains unconfirmed (Picture: Twitter)

Russian ship Moscow (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

The warship was used to strike port cities like Odesa and Mariupol (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

Black smoke is seen pouring from the sinking vessel, with what appears to be lifeboats in the sea.

A source told Russian media the ship sank shortly after these pictures were taken.

If genuine, it was likely captured from a nearby Turkish ship, rumored to have rescued 54 men.

There is speculation hundreds may have died onboard amid a virtual news blackout from the Kremlin propaganda machine.

Moscow first hit the headlines a few days into the invasion, when a Ukrainian soldier was filmed saying ‘go f *** yourself, Russian warship’ as its crew threatened to shell Snake Island.

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