On Jan. 1st, Uncle Murda returned with “Rap Up 2021,” the latest edition in his annual installment of yearly recaps. Murda dived in on a plethora of topics from Lil Nas X to Donald Trump, and more. However, he didn’t miss the opportunity to throw a jab at Freddie Gibbs over allegations that he was attacked by Jim Jones at Prime 112 in Miami. If you recall, rumors floated around that Jones attacked Gibbs at the Miami restaurant last month. It wasn’t just that, though. Murda also expressed his disdain towards Gibbs’ critical praise including the 2021 Grammy nomination for Alfredo

“Let me smoke a blunt right now and get in my zone/ Akademiks said Freddie Gibbs got beat up by Jim Jones/ Not a big fan of his, the streets don’t rock with him/ That be Elliott and B. Dot giving all those props to him/So when he talk tough, we don’t believe what he saying/ His father a cop and his brother down with the DEA/ Yeah, I ain’t like his reaction when Nas won the Grammy/ He never lost in court ’cause law enforcement is his family/ I know I ain’t the only one who feel like he hated/Freddie album ain’t deserve to be Grammy-nominated.”

Gibbs let his Twitter fingers fly following the diss track, as well as Akademiks’ continuous commentary. In a slew of posts shared to both Instagram and Twitter, Freddie expressed his excitement to return to New York City. “N***az talkin shit go your pay your rent bitch,” he tweeted. “I can’t wait to go to New York.”

“So many NY rappers on my dick right now. I can’t wait to go to y’all city and show u how to sell it out byke byke,” he wrote before directing his energy towards Murda’s pen. “NYC should be ashamed of y’all non rapping ass n***az This my shit now.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

Akademiks did not simply let this slide without chiming in, reposting both of Gibbs’ stories on his Twitter page. “FEDERICK Gibbs gets beat up by one New York rapper and dissed by another now he calling out the whole New York,” he wrote. “@FreddieGibbs
where the same trolling energy for Jim jones n Uncle Murda N***a…”

The back-and-forth ensued with Akademiks continuing to drag the Jim Jones altercation. “U started wit me u irrelevant trash broke ass piece of shit. I just exposed u the entire year til u a punch line now . N***as mention ur name to laugh at u. I’ll take credit for that,” Akademiks wrote after Gibbs vowed to continue trolling the media personality throughout the new year. 

After Ak pressed Gibbs to mention Jim Jones, Freddie Gibbs formally denied that he was ever touched during the alleged fight with Jim Jones at Prime 112. “N***a u scared to even mention Jim jones name .. n***a must have really gave u amnesia,” he added.

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