Freddie Gibbs has been at war with the industry before he even got in the game. During his early days — pre-Pinata — the rapper was practically blackballed after dissing on anyone that he could, hence the alleged scuffle with Jim Jones at Prime 112 in Miami in December. Yet, he remains as outspoken as ever, perhaps, even more with the newfound fame that came along with a Grammy nomination.

Mike Windle/Getty Images

It seems like some subliminal messages he sent around the time Gunna’s Crime Stoppers video made rounds came back to haunt him. Despite publicly professing his appreciation for Gunna and posting a picture alongside the YSL rapper, Freddie Gibbs caught a stray in a new song preview. Gunna took to Twitter where he wrote, “When my album drop Freddie Gibbs will the biggest moment of his career.” 

In response to Gunna, Gibbs quoted the tweet and shared a kiss emoji before expressing his gratitude for his infamy. “I’m the hot topic right now these n***az need me to push the project. I get it,” Gibbs wrote. “U can say U sold more records got more money but I ain’t never been on crime stoppers. Fin.”

A preview then surfaced where Gunna takes light shots at the Grammy-nominated MC. “Stay up off the ‘Gram/ Can’t fuck with Freddie Gibbs,” Gunna raps. Of course, this got back to Akademiks, who claimed that the 5-second snippet is “hotter than anything FEDERICK Gibbs ever released in his life.”

Gibbs, however, was less than impressed with the lackluster delivery behind Gunna’s ominous message. “Damn that was it? I thought fam was gon gimme some bars. Let’s go,” Gibbs tweeted. “I love gunna music I think he one of the best making music so to be recognized by one of the best is a blessing. Now don’t take this get back shit personal.”

“2 years ago these n***az wouldn’t have mentioned my name. That let U know who the new king is,” he added. 

And while that might be true, Akademiks countered Freddie’s comments about Gunna’s apparent Crime Stoppers appearance. “Dawg talking bout crimestoppers.. n***a ur entire childhood was crime stoppers.. ur father a COP n***a.. ur brother a DISTRICT ATTORNEY. brother. N***a ur childhood literally a season of First 48….,” Akademiks tweeted.

Gunna’s yet to respond to Freddie’s latest tweets but perhaps there’s more to the diss. We’ll find out on Friday when DS4 drops.