Friend's, family, colleagues rally around LAPD officer and wife with stage 4 cancer

A motor officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and his wife have were diagnosed with stage four cancer just weeks apart, and now the law enforcement community, friends and loved ones are rallying around the family of four.  

Colleagues said that 49-year-old Michael Tomelloso was caring for his wife, Laura, who was diagnosed with colon cancer, when he found out that he has throat cancer.  

“I can’t imagine two parents being down, trying to take care of two children,” family friend Carrie Cellini told KTLA’s Kimberly Cheng.  

Laura was first diagnosed in February 2022. Just a few months later, in June, Tomelloso learned of his diagnosis. 

The motor officer’s work family has been trying to rally as much support as they can.  

“Now that he’s also unable to work, it’s created just a lot of hardship,” Sgt. Jeanna Quinones, with LAPD’s Central Traffic Division, said.  

Back home in Ontario, neighbors and the couple’s church family have pitched in to help with day-to-day needs.  

“It’s been hard. They’re both down. So, neither of them can really do anything,” Cellini explained.

The couple has two sons, Mike Jr., a teen, and Matthew who’s 10 years old.  

Those close to the family said it’s been a season of uphill battles for the Tomelloso’s.  

Their son, Matthew, who has special needs, was mauled by the neighbor’s dog and had significant facial injuries requiring plastic surgery to repair the damage. Right now, that has been put on the backburner, Quinones told KTLA.  

LAPD set up a Blue Ribbon Trust Fund to help with growing medical expenses.  

“It hits me close to the heart,” Det. Juan Campos, with LAPD’s Central Traffic Division, said. “So, I want to do everything possible to help the Tomelloso family get through this battle and win.”  

Those interested in donating to Tomelloso’s Blue Ribbon Fund can follow this link.