Ghislaine Maxwell ends the fight to keep 8 ‘John Does’ secret in Giuffre trial

  • Ghislaine Maxwell has ended her fight to keep the names of eight “John Does” sealed, her lawyer said in a letter.
  • The letter said the listed “Does” have legal advice to assert their “own respective privacy rights.”
  • It follows efforts by Prince Andrew prosecutor Virginia Giuffre’s legal team to identify “John Does”.

Ghislaine Maxwell will no longer fight to keep the names of eight “John Does” secret, according to one of her lawyers.

Attorneys for Jeffrey Epstein’s victim of sex trafficking Virginia Giuffre have asked a judge to remove the seal of material from a previous civil lawsuit she has filed against Ghislaine Maxwell, MailOnline reported.

In a letter to Judge Loretta Preska, published by LadBible, Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger said on Wednesday that her client would leave it to the court to decide whether the names should be released.

“Each of those listed has attorneys who have proficiently asserted their own respective privacy rights,” the letter, submitted by Menningar, states.

Letter from one of Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers to Judge Loretta Preska

A letter from one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers to Judge Loretta Preska

Legal protocols, via LadBible

The fact that Maxwell, a longtime Epstein employee who was convicted of five sex trafficking charges, no longer opposes the closure does not necessarily indicate that all names will be released, the Independent reported.

But it follows an attempt by Virginia Giuffre’s legal team, which is suing Prince Andrew for allegedly sexually assaulting her, to get “John Does” identified.

“Now that Maxwell’s criminal case has come and gone, there is little reason to maintain protection over the vast amounts of information about Epstein and Maxwell’s sex trafficking operation that were originally filed under seal in this case,” said Sigrid McCawley, a Giuffre lawyer. , according to a letter seen by the Independent.

According to MailOnline, six of “John Does” have objected to the seal. One of them, John Doe 17, wants to keep their identity secret to avoid “annoyance and embarrassment,” the media reported.

Another, “John Doe 151,” said the revelation of his name would lead to him being “hunted” by the media, adding that he wants to maintain a “private life,” MailOnline said.

Maxwell’s legal team decision not to fight against the potential revelation of name took place the same day that a federal judge rejected Prince Andrew’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit from Giuffre.

As Insiders’ Jacob Shamsian reported, it was only one element of Prince Andrew’s worst week yet.

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