Giant 25ft Ozzy Osbourne inflatable coming to Birmingham for album party

The 25ft Ozzy Osbourne statue. Photo: Brendan O’Connor.

The Black Sabbath frontman is ready to share his masterpiece with the world, with Patient Number 9 being released on Friday.

Poster for the album launch event

To celebrate the new release, Columbia Records is hosting an Ozzy Osbourne album launch party named ‘Birmingham Forever’. Towering over the guests will be a giant 25ft inflatable of the rock star in all its glory, last seen in Los Angeles.

An exclusive vinyl edition of the new album, including an Ozzy Osbourne comic book made with comic book maestro Todd McFarlane, will be available as a one-off at the special Birmingham event.

The album boasts an incredible line-up of guest stars, including Eric Clapton and Zakk Wylde, plus members of Guns’N’ Roses, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as Ozzy’s Black Sabbath co-founder & guitarist Tony Iommi who plays on a solo Ozzy album for the very first time.

Ozzy Osbourne

Todd McFarlane said: “Having worked with Ozzy in the past, I jumped at another opportunity to do so again… especially on the music side this time.

“In the harsh business called the music industry, any creative person who’s sustained a multi-decades career has shown the skill, talent and tenacity that will always garner my admiration. Ozzy has shown many of us creative folks that it’s indeed possible to make a living doing what you love for nearly an entire lifetime. Go, Ozzy!”

Fans can witness the spectacle for themselves at Mutt Motorcycles HQ, Lakeside, 180 Lifford Lane, Birmingham B30 3NU, this Saturday from midday until 10pm.

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